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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Austria: Foreigners Responsible For 44 Per Cent Of Crime...

May 5, 2016
In 2015, foreigners were responsible for 44 per cent of the Austria’s crime yet rather than highlighting this massive over-representation in criminality, Austria’s mainstream media chose instead to highlight violent and sexual crime committed by native Austrians. 
Following the brutal rape of a ten year old boy in Vienna by an Iraqi migrant, the response to a parliamentary question from a member of anti mass migration Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) concerning “crime tourism” has allowed analysis of crime committed by foreign nationals for the first time.
The 2015 conviction statistics show that 29,439 criminal convictions overall were of Austrians and 23,609 were of foreigners. Of 6,734 drugs convictions last year, 45 per cent were foreigners and some 14 per cent from just one national group — Afghanistan.
Of violent crimes, 2,560 of the 7,826 people convicted were foreign — 33 per cent — as were 35 per cent of those convicted of sexual offences,and 103 of those convicted  of sexual offences, Kurier reports.

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