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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Espionage Act Indictment Looms Over Hillary Clinton And Her Campaign...

DC Whispers
May 5, 2016
That is the term heard increasingly from sources adjacent to the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal that apparently now places her at considerable risk of facing a very serious federal espionage charge.
The risk was great enough to require President Obama to come out publicly to warn off the investigation when during an interview he attempted downplay Mrs. Clinton’s “confusion” over federal classified information laws.
It was the very same tactic the president used to diminish the earlier IRS scandal and he now appears hopeful he can be just as successful in minimizing the damage to Hillary Clinton and thus, himself.
Rumors are now swirling that the FBI already has enough to implicate Mrs. Clinton in directly jeopardizing national security. What remains to be known is if that jeopardy was willful or merely negligent.
Both are capable of generating a recommendation from the FBI to the Justice Department that formal charges be brought against the former Obama Secretary of State and there has been a more recent flurry of speculation that such charges could be forthcoming within the next month or two.
That risk is said to be a primary motivating factor behind Bernie Sander’s determination to stay in the race all the way to the Democrat convention this summer. And now with the Republican primary race having been conceded to Donald Trump, media focus will shift, at least in part, to the ongoing FBI investigation against Hillary Clinton.
If FBI Director James Comey’s intent was to finalize the investigation after the primary election cycle had somewhat diminished, this would the time to do just that, and such timing now towers over the lame-duck presidency of Barack Obama and the scandal-plagued political aspirations of Hillary Clinton.

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