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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

EU Building Potentially Tyrannical Military-Police Force...

Alex Newman
New American
May 11, 2016
As the European Union and the establishment behind it become increasingly totalitarian, paranoid, and unstable, the EU super-state is raising up and training its own transnational military-police force.
According to reports and its own propaganda material, the EU “Gendarmerie,” as the force is known, will apparently be charged with putting down protests and civil unrest, raiding illegal political meetings, propping up foreign governments, and even confiscating weapons. Police and troops from numerous African and Middle Eastern nations were also involved in the controversial EU force’s latest EU-funded training exercises. Critics are fighting back, though, warning of the dangers of such a force and of the EU itself.
The EU’s military-police force is merely one component of the broader transnational police-state apparatus being quietly imposed on the formerly sovereign peoples of Europe. It includes everything from transnational police and transnational army units to EU air and naval operations. Virtually all of it has grown up in the shadows. But in recent weeks, a controversial training operation, which took place in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia last month, has sparked concern and alarm across Europe and beyond as media outlets shined a light on the troubling developments. The story was first reported by Breitbart’s U.K. operation before being picked up by British newspapers and alternative media outlets around the world.
According to media reports, the training brought together 600 troops and police officers to prepare for international crises and civil war. “The aim of the [April 15, 2016] Comprehensive Live Exercise will be capacity building of police and gendarmes who will participate in international stabilization missions and projects with a police component,” the EU military-police outfit said about its training scheme, which the EU said was aimed at preparing the hybrid military-police force for “future missions.” Media reports said that forces from Islamic Turkey and Tunisia participated in the scheming, along with forces from the African nation of Cameroon. Similar exercises in past years have also included troops from the EU-funded African Union and the Middle East.
Even though Germany’s Constitution prohibits the use of military forces for police duties, the exercise took place in Germany. But officials were not all enthusiastic about the scheme. European affairs spokesman for the German government Andrej Hunko, for example, requested permission to attend the training, but was instead blocked from even coming close to the site. In statements quoted by the U.K. Express newspaper, Hunko said the transnational military force was preparing to shut down protests and even “political meetings.” The German spokesman also blasted the “militarization of the police” as “extremely worrying and contrary in Germany to the principle of separation of police and military.” Germany has long feared the abuse of military forces in policing — and considering its history, for good reason.

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