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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Teacher To Be Prosecuted For Calling Mohammed Child Molester...

May 11, 2016
A teacher in Austria will be charged for telling students Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was a child molester.
A middle school teacher in the Austrian city of Bregenz is facing criminal prosecution for her comments regarding the founder of Islam. Vorarlberg Provincial Councillor Dr. Bernadette Mennel confirmed that the teacher was facing a criminal complaint when she said, “yes, there is an allegation against the teacher,” VOL reports.
It is alleged that the Bregenz teacher had described Mohammed, the prophet and founder of Islam, as a child molester in front of her students. Upon hearing the news the school forwarded the complaint to the Vorarlberg prosecutors office.
Currently the prosecution office has given no information about their investigation into the veracity of the claims against the teacher but if they find any truth to them there will likely be harsh consequences for the teacher.

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