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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump: If I'm not elected, Supreme Court nominees could turn this country into Argentina or Venezuela...

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May 5, 2016

Trump issued  a warning today, that if he is not elected President, the Supreme Court could wind up with liberals that will change the United States into a “totally different country.” A country very similar to the likes of Argentina or Venezuela. 

Trump also focused on immigration today, stating that his arrangements for building a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, would not negatively affect the US economy. 

Further in the interview, Trump stated a 40 percent chance his running mate will be one of the former GOP rivals.
Trump stated he prefers to pick a running mate with government experience that can help in passing legislation through.

A possibility for a running mate might be Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions. Sessions endorsed Trump early during the GOP campaign and as a former judge, he can navigate thru the treacherous legislative waters. 

Trump also took a swipe at Hillary Clinton, saying her "baggage" makes her more beatable and called her “disgraceful.” Adding she is likely to “skate away" with the email scandal.

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