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Thursday, May 5, 2016

West Virginia Miners on Hillary Clinton: She “Lies to Our Face,” She Can “Stay Out of Our State” (VIDEO)...

Jim Hoft
Gateway Pundit
May 5, 2016
Coal companies have been scorched under Obama as he promised. Five years ago there were three hundred coal mines in West Virginia. Today thanks to Barack Obama there are less than 70. Obama and Hillary killed coal.
In March Hillary Clinton bragged during a CNN town hall in Ohio that she was going to put coal miners out of work.
She wants to eliminate jobs as president.
This week Hillary Clinton is traveling in West Virginia’s coal country.
The miners think Hillary should stay out of the state.
On Thursday Griff Jenkins from FOX News spoke with two West Virginia coal miners. They don’t like Hillary Clinton.
Miner Allen Lardieri: She said, and she did not make it a secret that she is going to continue with the policies of the past seven and a half years and expand upon them. There’s no other way to perceive that. Pure and simple, we are doomed.
Miner Jordan Bridges: I think she is basically just stabbing us in the back. I mean how can you say you’re going to put us all out of work, the coal companies, and come here and lie to our face the way she did. I have nothing for her and as a matter of fact I agree with our mayor, she can stay out of our plants and stay out of our state.

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