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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The betting markets show just a 24% chance of a Brexit...

Business Insider
June 22, 2016
The betting odds of a Remain vote in the June 23 EU referendum continued to improve this morning – with only one day to go until the vote.
Bookmaker Ladbrokes currently gives the Leave vote just a 24% chance of winning, while William Hill is similarly unconvinced, pegging a Brexit likelihood at only 25%. This is down from last week, when the likelihood of a Leave vote hovered around the 40% mark.
Despite Leave’s betting odds getting worse by the hour, gamblers are still overwhelmingly betting on it happening, according to William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe:
“[Although] 66% of all the money gambled with William Hill on the outcome has been for Remain with bets of up to £100,000 staked, but 69% of all individual bets placed have been for Leave. There has been worldwide betting interest – we have taken bets from Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Canada, Finland, Holland, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, to name just a few countries!”

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