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Monday, July 11, 2016

Dallas Massacre Boosts Gun-Maker Stocks...

Zero Hedge
July 8, 2016
As a continuation of our comments from Thursday afternoon, we are watching gun-maker stocks skyrocket this morning as the country prepares for perhaps more restrictive measures on how guns can be purchased in the US.  
Yesterday we said in our piece As Gun Violence Drives Sales, Shooting Ranges May Aid Local Education Efforts ” each violent event brings about increased government chatter of more regulation which then sparks fear in gun-owners and results in a spike in background checks and typically boosts sales.”
After the tragedies in DallasBaton Rouge, and Minnesota, it’s no wonder our charts look like this today:
Smith & Wesson:
Sturm Ruger:
Prepare for the inevitable boost to gun-makers again next week after we hear more press conferences and after a weekend of dialogue and opinion to increase fears and enthusiasm around guns.

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