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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Minneapolis: Somali ‘Refugees’ Terrorize Neighborhood, Threaten to Kidnap & Rape Women...

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
July 7, 2016
This story is being completely ignored by the mass media.
A group of 20-30 Somali “refugees” imported to Minneapolis terrorized a small posh neighborhood filled with million dollar homes, they screamed about “Jihad” while waving Somali flags, shooting off fireworks and driving their cars onto sidewalks and lawns, they also threatened to kidnap women and rape them because “Sharia law” says it’s “legal.”
Despite the situation having been ongoing for days, local media is downplaying the extent of the crimes and the biggest Minneapolis newspaper has ignored the story entirely.
From KSTP:
Minneapolis police are investigating a series of alleged “terroristic threats” made against people living in one neighborhood near Lake Calhoun.
5 EYEWITNESS NEWS talked to a few neighbors on Thursday who say throughout the week, multiple young men have been harassing them.
After just moving to the neighborhood not too long ago, one woman, who wants to keep her identity hidden to protect herself from what happened on Monday, says she never expected this activity in that neighborhood.
“We couldn’t get them out. We didn’t know what to do,” one Minneapolis resident told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.
According to a Minneapolis police report, between 20 and 30 young men showed up in front of a woman’s house about 9:30 in the morning and “the comments turned to threats.”
“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap you and they were going to rape you,” one Minneapolis resident told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”
The report indicates that these young men were driving onto the sidewalk and on the lawn, all while shooting off bottle rockets and screaming.
“It’s a scary thought especially for those who have young children,” one Minneapolis resident said.
It’s worse than they’re describing:
The screenshot of the police report showed they asked one of their victims if she knew what “Sharia Law” was and said it made it legal for them to kidnap and rape her.
They also were screaming “Jihad” while waving Somali flags and shooting off bottle rockets.
“The Star-Tribune, the largest newspaper in Minneapolis, didn’t produce a single article concerning the police report,” MadWorldNews reports.
WorldNetDaily has more:
Somalis living in Minneapolis are almost all Sunni Muslims…
Nearly all Somalis living in Minnesota are either refugees or children of refugees. They form a burgeoning Muslim enclave created by the U.S. government’s long-term refugee policy.
The U.S. State Department, working with the United Nations, has permanently resettled more than 132,000 Somali ”refugees” into dozens of American cities since 1983, according to federal data collected by the State Department.
Over the last decade, the feds have resettled an average of 7,000 Somali refugees per year into the U.S., with Minneapolis-St. Paul receiving the largest number, followed by Columbus, Ohio, San Diego, Seattle and Atlanta. Maine, Texas, North Dakota, Tennessee and even Alaska have also received dozens if not hundreds of Somali refugees.
Hillary Clinton supports this, she wants to import more of these phony “refugees” and place them in every town in America in accordance with Obama’s new HUD program to “diversify” every neighborhood in America.
Trump has vowed to stop the HUD program if he’s elected, he’s also said he’ll stop importing people from countries with a history of terrorism, which would without a doubt apply to Somalia.
This same story now repeats itself regularly in the once tranquil and peaceful city which has since been turned into a hotbed of crime and terrorism.
These “refugee” teens film themselves committing heinous crimes and shared it on YouTube with their real names, they think it’s hilarious, other residents interviewed by the local media agreed with them:
Somali “refugees” are the number one highest welfare collectors the world over:

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