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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Report: Homeschoolers Crush Public School Students’ SAT Scores. By A Lot…...

Louder With Crowder
July 6, 2016
The bias leftists have against homeschoolers isn’t shocking. Most homeschoolers worship God, not Karl Marx, which makes it difficult to indoctrinate students if those students are not in the classroom. Science.
Plus, those silly homeschoolers are too “sheltered!” They aren’t learning about global warming, sexual education, transgender whatever, or how Heather has two mommies.
Turns out those wacky homeschoolers were too busy learning about reading, writing, and ‘rythmetic…
Last summer, George Washington University announced that it would no longer require students to submit their SAT or ACT scores as incoming freshmen. This move was made because the university “had concerns that students who could be successful at GW felt discouraged from applying if their scores were not as strong as their high school performance.”
Some students, however, did not get off so easy. Homeschoolers, the college noted, would still have to submit their SAT scores before they could be admitted.
While such a caveat seems rather unfair, a new survey of 2014 SAT scores shows that the requirement shouldn’t be much of a hindrance to homeschool graduates.
The unwarranted and borderline silly bias against homeschoolers aside (though these SAT discrepancy scores could be a root cause), it’s remarkable how different students do when you teach them an important, applicable education, versus whatever it is the left wants to indoctrinate them with that week. Turns out an education focused on subjects one uses later on in life (reading, writing, math) and not focused on social justice warrior grievance causes, leads to actual, measurable results.
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And if you’re wondering why parents homeschool in the first place, check out these stories:
Those are only a few examples why the public school system sucks. When in doubt, replace “public” with “state” and suddenly the education system sounds less like a good idea, more like a government scheme. Which it kind of is…
Taking control of your child’s own education, where they can learn at their own pace, where you can teach them subjects which actually matter and contribute to their intellectual growth? Turns out, rather a good idea.

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