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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trump Said Saddam Killed Terrorists For Months Before Media Noticed...

Truth Revolt
July 7, 2016
Donald Trump’s recent controversial comments about Saddam Hussein being a bad guy who was good at killing terrorists are actually anything but controversial or recent. According to the Washington Post, the presumptive Republican nominee has been saying this same thing for months.
David Weigel of the Washington Post notes that Trump made the comments about Saddam as early as October 2015 in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. He repeated similar comments time and again over the ensuing months at rallies that were carried live on cable news channels, and he even made very similar remarks in an interview with CBS’ John Dickerson ahead of the South Carolina primary.
So what is the difference now? Well as David Martosko of the Daily Mail points out, the difference is that Hillary Clinton needed some help from the media:
Remarkable part about the Saddam thing isn't what Trump said. He's said it before. It's how media jumped on this when Hillary needed it.
Nothing should shock you any longer when it comes to the lengths the media will go to in order to protect Hillary Clinton.

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