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Thursday, July 7, 2016

VIDEO: Trump Parade Float Ambushed by ‘Tolerant’ Leftists...

Pick-up truck pelted with debris as police do nothing
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
July 7, 2016
Video footage out of Burien, Washington shows a Trump parade float being ambushed by irate leftists during an Independence Day event.
Tolerant liberals threw water bottles, water balloons, candy and other debris at the pick-up truck, which was occupied by Trump supporters waving and holding signs.
Parents jeered while encouraging their children to take part in the ambush, with one eyewitness describing the incident as a “full on attack”.
“That’s awesome, they super-soaked them with water balloons,” one bystander is heard saying.
Trump supporters have faced far worse from leftists, including brutal beatings, but the clip once again illustrates how so-called “tolerant” leftists become angrily intolerant when anyone dares disagree with their political opinion.
“It’s appropriate for adults, grown adults to throw their water bottles or whatever at kids,” Trump supporter John Beavers rhetorically asked King 5 News. “It’s not right. Who cares about Trump? They were attacking the people in the car.”
Beavers said that the Trump supporters asked police to step in and prevent the ambush but that nothing was done.

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