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Monday, August 8, 2016

Former CIA Agent, Goldman Sachs Official To Run Against Trump...

August 8, 2016
Republicans disenchanted with Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate plan to put forth a conservative alternative, former top House Republican aide and former CIA officer Evan McMullin, his new campaign announced on Monday.
The development was first reported by MSNBC and BuzzFeed. McMullin could not be immediately reached for comment.
McMullin will be pitched as an option for conservatives who have never warmed to Trump and who remain adamantly opposed to Democrat Hillary Clinton, although his chances of success in the Nov. 8 election are near zero.
“He is running, first and foremost, out of a deep love for this country, and because he understands the true brand of American leadership that is required to be Commander-in-Chief,” an email sent by his campaign to supporters said.

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