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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Krauthammer On Hillary’s Email Cover-Up: ‘So Many Lies Now, She Lies About Her Lying’...

Daily Caller
August 9, 2016
Charles Krauthammer blasted Hillary Clinton on Monday arguing that there are “so many lies now” about her emails, “she lies about her lying.”
Appearing on Fox News’s “Special Report,” Krauthammer weighed in on Clinton’s “short-circuiting” and raising taxes on the middle class comments, saying, “Candidates often do that. I’ve been on here once or twice where you had to correct me where I refer to the president as ‘Osama’, which is not exactly right. So look, this happens all the time.”
“It’s a bit of a cheap shot, but what the hell. There’s a lot of cheap shots going on in this election,” Krauthammer said. “What she meant by ‘short-circuited’ is that she was answering a question that was slightly different and it’s not that she had a short circuit up in her neurons. So look, this is just tit for tat.”
“I thought that what was interesting was number one, [Clinton] can’t escape her lies on emails,” Krauthammer continued. “There are so many lies now, that she lies about her lying. And when you have to say ‘My testimony to the FBI which the FBI director says was truthful,’ when somebody has to cite someone else as an authority on the truthfulness of their speech, they’re in trouble.”

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