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Friday, August 12, 2016

Media Freaks When Donald Trump Jokes About the Second Amendment, Stays Silent When HIS Life Is Threatened...

Andrew Stiles
Heat St
August 10, 2016
The lamestream media cartel is FREAKING OUT that Donald Trump made a casual joke about Second Amendment unity during a campaign rally on Tuesday.
Media elit-o-crats insisted that Trump was calling on Hillary Clinton to be assassinated if she’s elected so she can’t nominate anti-Second Amendment liberal justices to the Supreme Court.
This is beyond the pale, even for Trump.
Basically saying: If I lose the election, go ahead and revolt/assassinate. https://twitter.com/CandaceSmith_/status/763089093957787649 
The media was too blind to realize that Trump was actually talking about the Constitutional “power of unification,” as his campaign clearly clarified.
I did not realize "the power of unification" was a euphemism for shooting someone, but, again, I'm not street.
Anyone suggesting otherwise is just showing how “desperate” they are to prevent Trump from becoming president.

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