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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Millennial ‘Guru’ Urges Millennials Living “Paycheck-To-Paycheck” To “Spend Now, Save Later”...

Zero Hedge
August 9, 2016
The following five minutes of fantasy should blow most people’s minds. On the one hand, a ‘veteran’ Wells Fargo asset manager urges Millennials living paycheck-to-paycheck to save “just $26 a week will get to $1 million… because time is on your side.” And on the other hand is a Millennial ‘guru’ who proclaims Millennials should “spend now and save later…”
The confusion builds as the ‘guru’ tries to explain how to travel the world, experience ‘stuff’, and enjoy life more is achievable with no money… simple – “millennials are getting married later”??
Enjoy 5 minutes of sheer nonsense that sums up the world that The Fed and Obama have created – no consequences, no accountability, and no responsibility… because, after all, isn’t it every young Americans’ right to dop whatever they want whenever they want and if they doesn’t work out, hey the government’s got you covered!!
We strongly urge readers to put down any sharp objects…
Millennials are struggling with yuuge debtloads…

Start saving now… just give me $26 a week and I’ll make you a millionaire…
But why save when there’s the world to play in?
And never mind the future…
America, fuck yeah!!

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