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Monday, August 8, 2016

Paul Nehlen Makes Final Appeal to Wisconsin Voters: ‘One Vote to Save America’...

August 8, 2016
Darien, WI — Businessman and Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s first congressional district, Paul Nehlen, made his final appeal to voters ahead of his August 9th open primary election against House Speaker Paul Ryan.
In a six-minute video titled, “One Vote to Save America,” Nehlen tells Wisconsin voters that rarely in history are people given the “opportunity to affect such profound change as Wisconsin voters have in this open primary.”
Nehlen explained that on August 9th, Wisconsin voters can “declare [their] independence” from the global special interests that control Washington and control Paul Ryan.
All we have to do is cast one ballot on August 9th. With your one vote you can stop amnesty for good. With your one vote you can stop TPP. With your one vote you can end rule by corporations. You can end the corruption, the corporatism, the kickbacks. You can end the serfdom to special interests and become free and safe and secure.
“One vote to save the lives of innocent Americans. One vote to save Wisconsin. One vote to save America,” Nehlen declared. “Let August 9th be Wisconsin’s Independence Day.”
Nehlen begins by telling voters the story of a mother who puts her young daughter to bed. The little girl, Nehlen says, will dream about the bright future that awaits her — only to have those dreams “brought to a brutal and violent end because our politicians don’t have the decency, or courage, or desire to protect the lives of innocent Americans.”
“As this mother puts her child to sleep, she has no idea that her daughter will be the next Kate Steinle or Sarah Root,” Nehlen says. “Out there tonight, all across this country, is the next Jamiel Shaw Jr., the next Brandon Mendoza, the next Spencer Golvach — the next American child who won’t get to live out their American dream because Paul Ryan believes that his family deserves a border wall, but you don’t.”

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