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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PHOTO: Throat lozenge awaits Hillary at Florida campaign stop...

American Mirror
August 9, 2016
Hillary Clinton’s campaign doesn’t overlook a single detail when trying to stave off her next coughing fit.
BuzzFeed reporter Ruby Cramer tweeted a photo on Monday of a throat lozenge and a large water glass awaiting the candidate at a brewery in St. Petersburg, Florida.
The campaign is likely doing everything it can to tamp down questions about Hillary’s health.

Clinton was attending an event on immigration reform in Sylmar, California in early June when one broke out.
They arise each time she displays bizarre behavior or has a coughing fit, which have occurred regularly on the campaign trail.
A video of the incident shows Clinton began coughing as a guest was speaking, then taking a very large drink of water before coughing repeatedly.
Clinton has experienced frequent cough attacks on the campaign trail this election.
One of the worst instances occurred in January, when her coughing interrupted her speech. Even water wouldn’t cure it.
The crowd chanted and clapped as she popped a lozenge in her mouth:

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