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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump Blasts RINOs who Attacked Him: ‘They are the ones who allowed rise of ISIS’...

Trump shrugs off 50 Bush-era national security strategists who say they won’t vote for him
Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
August 9, 2016
The 50 Republican national security strategists who came out against Trump Monday are the ones responsible for the rise of the Islamic State terror group, Trump responded in a pointed press release.
Former national security officials, including desperate remnants of the George W. Bush administration, wrote a letter opposing a Trump presidency, declaring, “None of us will vote for Donald Trump.”
“From a foreign policy perspective, Donald Trump is not qualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief,” the letter reads. “Indeed, we are convinced that he would be a dangerous President and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”
“We are convinced that in the Oval Office, he would be the most reckless President in American history.”
Rather than attacking them outright, the Trump campaign instead thanked the 50 Republicans for coming out of the woodworks and exposing themselves to the American people.

“They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it’s time they are held accountable for their actions.”
“The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place,” the Trump camp responded.
Trump additionally tied Hillary into the letter as another example of a corrupt elitist skimming money off of taxpayers.
“No longer will Crooked Hillary Clinton and the other disasters in Washington get rich at our expense,” the hotel magnate said.
Read Trump’s epic response below:

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