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Monday, August 8, 2016

Trump: ISIS ‘Salivating’ Over Clinton Presidency...

The Hill
August 7, 2016
Donald Trump on Saturday said the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is “salivating” at the prospect of Hillary Clinton as president.
The GOP presidential contender jumped on Clinton’s recent claim that she “short-circuited” when she misspoke in remarks about the FBI’s probe into her private email server.
“The people of this country don’t want someone who will short-circuit up here. Not as your president,” said Trump at a rally in Windham, N.H., as he pointed to his head.
“Remember, ISIS is looking folks. They dream of Hillary Clinton. They look at her and they say ‘This can’t be happening to us. How great is this,’ ” Trump continued.
“They are just watching and they are looking and boy they are salivating, they are salivating. They are saying this is what we want.”
Trump also mocked critics who say Clinton looks more presidential.

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“You tell me she looks presidential, folks,” he said. “I look presidential.”

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