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Monday, August 8, 2016

US Olympic Shooter Blasts California’s Anti-Gun Laws...

Louder With Crowder
August 8, 2016
You may or may not have noticed that the Olympics have started in Rio, and America has already started taking home the gold in something at which we proudly excel… shooting!
That’s right, guns. The scary things leftists lie about when they don’t think you’re looking (see Hillary Flashback: ‘I’m All For a 25% Tax on Guns’… and EXPOSED: Hidden Camera Reveals Dem Delegates Want To Ban ALL Guns). One person who sees through the lies is Olympic Shooter Kim Rhode, who is speaking outagainst the far left anti-gun laws she has to deal with in California…
America’s top Olympic shooter, Kim Rhode, took a strong stand against gun control laws, offering full support for carrying concealed weapons and attacking gun legislation in her home state of California.
“I’m definitely becoming more vocal because I see the need,” said Rhode, a skeet shooter going for a medal in her sixth straight Olympics. “We just had six laws that were passed in California that will directly affect me. For example, one of them being an ammunition law. I shoot 500 to 1,000 rounds a day, having to do a background check every time I purchase ammo or when I bring ammo out for a competition or a match – those are very, very challenging for me.”
Rhode is referring to a new set of gun control measures, one of which requires a background check for ammunition purchases, in the same way that background checks are required for guns in the state – but there doesn’t appear to be any limit on the amount of ammunition that can be purchased at once. Nor does there appear to be any requirement for a background check when ammunition is brought to a competition or match, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.
First thing first…
Patriotic GIF
Second, this is the kind of representative that conservative/libertarian politics could use. She didn’t set out for political gain, she isn’t a full-time talking head whose income is dependent upon incendiary headlines. She’s just a world-class athlete who, in her own words, feels compelled to speak up. Sure, the laws affect her personally, but she’s not narcissistic enough to make it merely about her. She’s decided to use her platform to make Americans aware of the the ramifications for all of us when these anti-constitutional laws are passed. What a swell gal.
Expect MomsDemandAction to smear her in 3,2…

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