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Monday, August 15, 2016

Venture Capitalist Warns Of Financial Reckoning: “Nobody Seems To Know How To Get Out Of This”...

The Daily Sheeple
August 15, 2016
Carlo Civelli is one of the most well known venture capitalists in the global resource sector.
Having funded nearly a dozen early stage projects that turned into billion dollar market cap companies, he’s spent the last three decades analyzing investments, stock markets and economic cycles.
Civelli, whose latest venture includes a precious and base metal resource company called Callinex Mines, warns that many of the high net worth individuals he’s spoken with are running for the hills because of global uncertainty. But as he notes in his latest interview with Future Money Trends, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great opportunities to be had, especially when it comes to acquiring assets at distressed prices and positioning for bull market trends that are just starting to swing to the upside.
We are in uncharted territory. The central banks really don’t know what to do… The reckoning will come… Nobody seems to know how to get out of this… Everybody I have talked to – people that have made money in industry and in the markets – are all scared of the end game.
Watch Carlo Civelli’s full interview to understand what’s happening in the global economy and how to position yourself and your wealth before the inevitable:

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