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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WATCH: Louisiana Man Calls Out Black Lives Matter For Not Helping Flood Victims...

August 22, 2016
A man’s online video has gone viral after he questioned why the Black Lives Matter movement has done nothing to help flood relief efforts in Louisiana.
Jerry L. Washington of Baton Rouge, also known as “Jiggy Black,” became an Internet sensation when he asked where groups such as BLM and the Black Panthers were when tragedy struck the predominantly African-American city.
“Where are the Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers?” Washington asks in the video. “Because I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people from our own city saving us.”
“All the drama that was going on with the Alton Sterling killing, they came out with guns ready to go to war. But here we go, all these people flooded out and truly in need of help and we can’t find not one of them,” Washington said.

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