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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump fan to MSNBC reporter : ‘You’re getting a f*ck you’...

Current World Daily
November 16, 2016

High energy female Trump supporter injects truth in a live MSNBC feed from a protest outside Trump Tower.

The patriot didn't give her name to MSNBC reporter Cal Perry.

This patriotic woman is known as “Candice the Cuckslayer” and crowned as the new “Warrior queen" by 4chan.
The high energy Trump fan proceeded to give the reporter the scolding of a lifetime.

 Huff Po Reports:
She says: “Bigotry but married to an immigrant, right? Make sure you get that on camera.
“But you don’t want to get that interview, just get [that sign] on camera, that’s what the media wants.
“Why don’t you get it on camera instead of editing, his one million dollar a month anonymous Feed the Children donation. Why don’t you get that on camera?
“Why don’t you get on camera that he recruited immigrants to help him build towers so he could put them up? But you don’t get that on camera do you?
“This [sign] is what you get on camera and you edit it accordingly.
“You don’t include the fact that we have an AWESOME President now.”
The woman gets angrier and angrier, branding the man holding the sign an “ungrateful motherf***er”.
She then signs off with: “[Trump] is a good man with a good awesome heart who travelled the world feeding the kids.
“You f***ing motherf***er.”

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