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Friday, January 27, 2017

Kellyanne Conway: “The Number One Source of Income Into Mexico, Are Mexicans Working Here And Sending Money Back"

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Kellyanne Conway mentioned how President Trump plans to pay for the Mexico border wall.

She spoke told CBS that "the number one source of income into Mexico, are Mexicans working in the United States and sending money back."

"Mexico is fighting President Trump’s proposed border wall because it wants to continue allowing people and drugs to move into the U.S., White House aide Kellyanne Conway said Friday.

“They don’t want it, Gayle, because they want to continue to allow people — and, I assume, drugs, since they’re not doing much to stop that — pouring over our borders,” Conway told CBS host Gayle King, referring to the border wall.

 “We have to look at America. Mexico should pay for that wall because they get an awful lot from this country through [the North American Free Trade Agreement] and through other monetary disbursements.”

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