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Friday, February 24, 2017

Screaming Man 'Made Bomb Threat' Outside Chicago Trump Tower

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Listen to the police radio conversation about the threat here (transcription below):
Dispatcher: Alright 10-4. 1814? 44 was that you?
Officer: (inaudible) — me?
Dispatcher: Yeah, I’m sorry. Just couldn’t hear you answering. Listen, I have to send you all the way in the 30 sector. You’re about the only late car I have left. I had a bomb threat, 401 North Wabash. A male checked in this morning and said that he has a bomb inside of his room. [redacted]
Officer: (inaudible) — one more time?
Dispatcher: North Wabash. Room number [redacted] 401 North Wabash.
Dispatcher: Yep. 18-20 a supervisor in 18?
Officer: 30.
Dispatcher: 30, got a bomb threat, 401 North Wabash. Checked, the guest checked in, said he has a bomb in his room.
Officer: I’m on my way.
Dispatcher: Alright.
Officer: (inaudible) I’ll make that a block out.
Dispatcher: Okay. Great.
Officer: Currently I’m walking toward the Trump right now.
Dispatcher: Okay. Great.

Officer: 1800 X-ray?
Dispatcher: 1800, X-ray.
Officer: Have, uh, dogs headed towards the Trump?
Disptacher: Um, let me find out. Is there a unit on the scene at Trump Tower, ‘cause I guess security has the offender in cuffs in the lobby?
Officer: I’m on my way there now. 18-90 is there, he’s up in the apartments. He’s trying to get you on the radio but he can’t. Trying to check to see if you’ve got dogs on the way there.
Officer: OK, we’ll get them rolling.

Officer: 1800 X-ray?
Dispatcher: 1800 X-ray.
Officer: Just let everybody know, too, if anybody’s going to Trump, uh, nobody else, uh, going up. We already have some personnel upstairs. We’re waiting on the dog. But nobody else goes up in the building. Thank you.
Dispatcher: Okay. Anyone else heading over to 401 North Wabash, no need to go up in the building. Except for K9. I’ll let you know when they get there. (edited)

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